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Chavez vs Murray would be considered for interim title by WBC

If Julio Cesar Chavez Jr gets his wish and faces Martin Murray on August 3, the WBC may put an interim middleweight title on the line.

Bob Levey

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr is currently scheduled to face Brian Vera in an HBO main event on August 3 from Mexico City, but if Chavez gets his wish and instead lands a fight with Martin Murray, the WBC would consider putting an interim middleweight title on the line.

WBC boss Jose Sulaiman said it would depend on the exact specifications of Sergio Martinez's injury:

"First, what we need to do is to talk to Martinez and find out his medical condition, because a few days after the fight they won't know the full extent of the injury. It is better to wait and to find out the exact situation, but [Chavez-Murray] would be a good fight," Sulaiman said.

Martinez suffered injuries in his April 27 win over Murray, and early word was that he was out for the rest of 2013, which hasn't changed.

If Chavez (46-1-1, 32 KO) does face Murray (25-1-1, 11 KO), well, first off it's a good fight, better than Chavez-Vera, and we've certainly seen worse fights for titles, interim or not. It would be the former titlist against the guy some feel should be the current titlist. And, again, most important is that it's a good fight.

Also, if the fight can be made, there is literally no question that the WBC would make it for the interim title, so let's not pretend with this "considering."

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