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Golovkin vs. Macklin: Golovkin still intends to fight five times this year

Gennady Golovkin still intends to fight five times this year. One time in November on HBO then quickly back again in December.


Gennady Golovkin intends on keeping his goal of getting into the ring five times in 2013. The WBA middleweight champion has already defeated Gabe Rosado and Nobuhiro Ishida in January and March, respectively. Now, with a fight against middleweight contender Matthew Macklin on tap for later this month, Golovkin plans on coming back in November on HBO then once more in December, potentially in Monaco, according to the managing director of K2 Promotions, Tom Loeffler.

Here is literally the enitre article by Ryan Burton from Boxing Scene:

Tom Loeffler, the managing director of K2 Promotions, has advised that Gennady Golovkin will return to ring in November on HBO provided he comes out of his June 29th fight against Matthew Macklin with a victory. Loeffler went on to say that they are looking at having Triple G squeeze in one more fight before the year is out. If that happens Golovkin will have fought 5 times this year, almost unheard of for a champion in this day and age. The fifth fight may potentially take place in Monaco in December.

Hearing Golovkin may return on HBO his next time out is nice. It would also imply he will be facing another good opponent that night, not another Ishida-caliber cupcake. As for who will actually face Golovkin that night, well, don't ask me.

The idea of him returning so quickly after that fight, however, could raise some red flags. Coming back only a month after what could be a big fight would seem very ambitious, possibly impossible. One has to hope they don't rush him just so they can say, "Hey look! Five fights everybody!". Even four is very fine compared to most others. And, of course, this is all working under the assumption he comes out victorious against Macklin in about two weeks. Macklin is a very legit opponent, and is the toughest fight of Golovkin's career on paper.

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