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Mayweather vs. Canelo: Mayweather Sr. says "This fight can be as easy as Guerrero"

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Floyd Mayweather's father/trainer Floyd Mayweather Sr. says his son's fight with Canelo Alvarez "can be as easy as Guerrero".

Ethan Miller

The Mayweather family has never been at a loss for words, and certainly do not mind talking a bit of trash in the build-up to their events. Today it's Floyd Mayweather Sr., Floyd Jr.'s father and head trainer, taking the reigns as he claims that his son's fight with Canelo "can be as easy as Guerrero". Floyd Mayweather Jr. won a wide decision over welterweight contender Robert Guerrero last month, the first fight of his massive TV deal with Showtime.

Here is what Mayweather Sr. told the Grand Rapids Press, via Boxing Scene:

"I think this fight can be as easy as Guerrero. I would've made him come to 150. I would've made him suffer. I would've said, 'I'm not helping you out, I'm not giving you nothing'."

"Whatever Alvarez throws, we plan on catching what he does and countering, whatever he does. Whatever he does, believe me, Floyd is going to be ahead of him."

It had been reported before that Mayweather Sr. wanted to make the fight happen at 147, the welterweight limit. Canelo has not been at 147 for a few years, and that seemed to be a non-starter. Canelo's camp claimed the negotiated weight went from 147 to 150 to, finally, 152, two pounds below the junior middleweight limit that Mayweather faced Miguel Cotto at last year.

Will Mayweather make this fight as easy as the Guerrero victory appeared to be? Or is this going to be more of a struggle?