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Mayweather vs Canelo: Alvarez training, ready to topple a king

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Canelo Alvarez is confident, says he's already training, and that he'll be prepared to take down pound-for-pound ruler Floyd Mayweather on September 14 in Las Vegas.

Josh Hedges

Mexican star Canelo Alvarez knows that he'll be counted out heading into his September 14 clash against Floyd Mayweather, but the young redhead says he's already in camp and preparing himself for what could easily be the biggest fight of his entire career, no matter how long he fights.

"It will be a great night for us. People will not believe it. We are going to have a good training camp, a good strategy to fight him and win; he is a complicated opponent, but we know how to fight him.

"I feel very good right now. I'm very happy because it is something that we've expected for years and I think it is happening at the right time and I'm already training, and running and I feel very strong. I know that I can give more of myself [in the future] but these are the fights that are going to make me give my best. The better my opponent, the more motivated it makes me because I want to reach my potential. I'm ready to beat Floyd Mayweather and we are going into the fight with that mentality."

Alvarez (42-0-1, 30 KO) is coming off of a career-best win over Austin Trout, but some were not particularly impressed by his victory that night, believing that it was Trout who deserved the decision. There is no doubt that this will be a mega-money fight, with quite possibly the highest numbers boxing has seen since the record-breaking De La Hoya-Mayweather fight of 2007.

What will remain a question until fight night is if Alvarez has the goods at this truly elite level. He's had a fast rise and a hard push, but you can say that he has really not been tested too hard thus far, and that would be a fair observation. Even considering the quality of Trout, Alvarez is going from the very good to the truly great with this fight. Will he be ready to make that leap, or will he find out that Floyd is a step too far?