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Garcia vs Lopez results: Mikey Garcia dominates, wins in four

Mikey Garcia had no troubles tonight against an outclassed Juan Manuel Lopez tonight, possibly ending the Puerto Rican's run as a main event fighter.

Chris Farina/Top Rank
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Mikey Garcia won't leave with his belt, but his undefeated record is intact and he dominated Juan Manuel Lopez in Dallas, stopping his foe in the fourth round on the second knockdown of the fight.

Lopez (33-3, 30 KO) was decent in the first round, landing from straight lefts from his southpaw stance, but Garcia (32-0, 27 KO) took over after the first round, and even mostly dictated that opening frame with a crisp jab. Lopez, who looks very old at age 29, was exposed from round two on, when he was first floored hard. Lopez just never really got it together in there, and as the fight wore on, he looked more and more -- oh, what's the word? He looked sloppy, slow, powerless, like he had no legs, and just mentally and physically worn out.

Lopez is a very exciting fighter, but he's finished at this level. He's just too reckless, at times looking like a guy trying to remember what he's doing, and nowhere near a world class fighter. Garcia made Lopez resemble a Friday Night Fights opponent who's been around a handful of fights too long.

Garcia, 25, will likely be moving up to 130 pounds with his next fight, which sounded to be in the works before this fight anyway. At 130, he could take on Rocky Martinez in another Mexico-Puerto Rico battle, looking to land a second world title.

What did you think of Garcia's performance? And do you think Lopez is shot young?

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