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Andre Ward reportedly trying to break from Goossen, possibly join Top Rank

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Top super middleweight Andre Ward is reported to be seeking a break from career-long promoter Dan Goossen, and could wind up with Top Rank.

Scott Heavey

Andre Ward may be looking to make a move to Top Rank in the near future, as reports that Ward is attempting to get out of his deal with promoter Dan Goossen, who has guided his pro career. A move to Top Rank would make sense, as Ward is one of HBO's most prominent fighters at the moment, and Showtime is only working with Golden Boy, for the most part. Ward also works for HBO as a commentator.

Ward (26-0, 14 KO) attempting to leave Goossen probably isn't much of a surprise to anyone. With all due respect to Goossen, who managed to turn Ward into a name fighter and at least a solid draw in Oakland, that's a second-tier promotional company, and miles behind the resources of the major American firms, Top Rank and Golden Boy. There's just no comparison between the companies. TR and GBP rule the roost in the States, and there's no argument otherwise. Goossen, DiBella, Shaw, King, and everyone else mostly hope to work with them for major fights, though it can be avoided now and then.

If Ward does go to Top Rank, he may get his wish and face Julio Cesar Chavez Jr soon enough. Ward has said before that's a fight he'd like to make, and it would be very good money for both sides. Chavez returns to the ring on August 3 in Mexico City. Ward hasn't fought since last September, and underwent shoulder surgery early this year.