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Bob Arum: Mikey Garcia should leave 126 behind, move up to 130

Promoter Bob Arum says he'll discourage Mikey Garcia from trying to fight at featherweight again, as he hopes to match him with super featherweight titlist Rocky Martinez.

Tom Pennington
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Mikey Garcia is rumored to be headed toward a September 21 fight against WBO super featherweight titlist Rocky Martinez in Puerto Rico, and promoter Bob Arum thinks that's the exact right move, saying he'd discourage Garcia (32-0, 27 KO) from fighting again at featherweight -- or trying to, anyway.

"Garcia has a bright future. He has to fight at 130-pounds," said Arum. "He can not continue to sacrifice his body to make 126. Hopefully he faces 'Rocky' Martinez."

Garcia missed weight for this past weekend's fight with Juan Manuel Lopez, which he won in four rounds. He said after the fight he might stay at 126 and try to control his diet a little better this time around, but I personally see Arum being right here. There's no reason to fight hard to make 126 pounds. Garcia's getting older and growing, and those last two pounds just weren't coming off to face Lopez. Even if Garcia did maintain a better diet, who's to say his body is going to respond the way that it used to?

A fight with Martinez not only gives Garcia another crack at a world title, but it would put him right back into an HBO main event with a good payday. It seems like the right move.

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