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Adrien Broner discusses Paulie Malignaggi fight, says he'll never fight Floyd Mayweather

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Adrien Broner talks to Tha Boxing Voice about his Saturday night main event against Paulie Malignaggi, and says that there's no amount of money that can get him to face "big brother" Floyd Mayweather.

What would it mean to beat Paulie in his hometown?

It'd mean a lot. It's like going to somebody's backyard. ... I know where I'm at. I'm fine wherever I'm at. I'm trying to tell you, man, I'm fine. It's like when, say you go home, right? And you find me in your bed fucking your girl, and you wanna fight, and then I beat your ass and then walk out. That's how it is, you know. That's how it is. It's like, alright. I do what I want. ... I'm gonna come in the same door and leave out the same door. Somebody else, if you came home while they was in your house they'll probably jump out the window. I'm gonna leave out the same door I came in.

But you expect a man to protect his house. Will he protect his house?

He can try. You're supposed to try. At the end of the day, man, you know, he's better off shaking hands and letting it go. Anybody can try. Anybody can make an attempt. He's getting a good check. He's getting a hell of a check for it, though.

(Trainer) Mike (Stafford) said that he expects you to stop him by the sixth round. Is that what you guys are training for, and what do you think of that prediction from Mike?

My coach knows what he's talking about, and if that's what he told you, then that's what we're gonna run with. We're just gonna show up. On the 22nd, we're just gonna show up. I want Paulie to bring his A-game and I'll bring mine.

Are you feeling from the people walking around New York that there are more Adrien Broner fans than Malignaggi fans?

Come on, man. This is the East Coast, man, they love AB. I'm loved on this side. This might be his hometown, but I'm loved. Everywhere. Everywhere. I can go anywhere and they're gonna know AB. They know AB. "That's the guy that brushes his hair."

Are you and Paulie gonna be friends after the fight? That's what Mike said, too. He said you guys are gonna hug it out and be friends.

I don't know about huggin' out, but I'll take him out to get a steak. I'll take him out to get a steak. We'll talk about his problems, his relationship problems. We'll see what's going on with him.

What advice would you give him about his relationship problems?

Get the money, man. Just worry about getting money, dude. The females gonna be there, the lights gonna be there. Just get the money.

A couple minutes ago though, you said you wouldn't fight Mayweather for any amount of money. It ain't about money. So when is it not about money?

It ain't ever about money against me and my brother, man. Family? You can't make me do it. I don't care what amount of dollar it is thrown out there.

$20 million, you wouldn't do it?

No. It's not about the money, man. I really love the sport of boxing. It's not about no money with me. You can't bribe me with no money.

But you said you wanna be the first guy to make a billion dollars.

Damn right.

So sometimes, it sort of is.

It's not about the money. If you're talking about me fighting family, I don't care what dollar is put on the table. It can be in cash in my face, I don't care, I'll walk away.

Why is Mayweather family to you? What is it about him that makes you love him like a brother?

Our relationship. He's someone I can talk to about anything. I can call any time of the day, he'll pick up and answer the phone. If he misses the call, he'll call me back. He's really a big brother, a mentor to me. I've been looking up to him since I was 12 years old. I wanna follow in his footsteps.

Can you offer one piece of advice he's given you recently that stands out to you, that really resonated to you?

Just keep doing what I'm doing. I'm gonna take over the sport of boxing.