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Bika vs Periban, SHO Extreme undercard: Workout photos and quotes

Sakio Bika

"We're working to get better every single day. We're just improving. We're training and working on my footwork.

"When I heard (about this fight), I had to see this Mexican fighter that weighed 168 pounds. He's big with a good record, so I had to check him out.

"For me, I'll fight anybody. I always like to fight a new opponent. If they want me to fight at light heavyweight, I will take it on and show the world I'm the best."

Marco Antonio Periban

"I've been training for two and a half months and it was my hardest training camp ever, so I'm definitely ready.

"This is obviously an important fight. Movement is the main key for me along with my jab and fighting at a distance. I feel I'm faster than he is.

"I'm really looking forward to fighting in the United States again and fighting on Saturday."

Julian Williams

"It feels good to be fighting in the main fight on SHOWTIME EXTREME. It shows that I'm moving up and that I'm not in the same place I was last year. I'm an exciting fighter. Most of the time I've been on SHOWTIME, I've gotten knockouts. I come to bring it. I'm from Philadelphia, so I'm not afraid to get my face messed up to get what I want. I'll have Philly fans at the fights for sure on Saturday.

"The magnitude of this card is huge. I bring great boxing and excitement to the mix. I have other tools in the closet that still haven't come out, but I feel I'll be headlining one of this huge cards in due time.

"My opponent is a former world champion and I've seen a couple of his fights. He's a good fighter. He has a lot of experience. I think he is going to be a little cocky when he sees that he has more knockouts than I have fights, but that's why I'm so prepared.

"I'm expecting a big fight. I'm looking to make a statement. I'm confident and just looking for an excellent fight and performance."

Marcus Browne

"Consistency is everything for my career. I'm staying busy and consistent because at the end of the day, you have to stay active to understand and grow as a fighter.

"It's a blessing to stay here, build a fan base and be able to put butts in the seats at Barclays Center.

"At the end of the day, I have to thank God for keeping me healthy. That's just what we train to do. I grind hard and put my all into boxing.

"I'm going to give people a great, humble performance."

Rau'Shee Warren

"This will be an exciting night. I'm in the swing bout on SHOWTIME EXTREME, but I've got people back home that want to see me fight so we've got to make sure and give them all a heads-up as to what will happen. That's really what we've been thinking a lot lately, making sure they know if I'll be fighting on TV.

"Saturday's a big night, but there's no pressure. I've been training with my bro, Adrien (Broner). That's what we've always been doing since we were young. We always bring a lot of people out to the fights and now the world can see us. He's going to demolish this Paulie guy.

"I hope my fans keep rooting for me. I'll keep showing up for them. I try to do something different every fight. I'm going to change my hair color again. You've got to show them something different. They've seen a lot of speed. I'm going to bring a lot of power now.

"I'm going to take my time and keep doing what I've been doing in the gym with my coach and my staff and see if I can come home with a win."

Frank Galarza

"It feels great to have people believing in me and supporting me. We can only go up. We're here to grow and keep fighting.

"I'm here to put on a show. I always put on a show every time I fight. We're going in there to do whatever we have to do. That's what we're here to

"You're going to see a much different fighter. I'm much more accurate, much more aggressive, but smarter.

"I'm here to show Golden Boy and everyone else that I have a fan base and a great following. I sell tickets and that's the main goal. It's good to see Golden Boy being active in Barclays Center and I'm looking forward to future events."

Jamel Herring

"I feel really great. Training camp has been great in Colorado Springs. I want to thank everybody in Colorado Springs for their help and support. I'm just ready to get in there and represent where I'm from.

"It's been a long time since I've fought in New York. I grew up on Long Island, but I haven't fought here since I fought Daniel Jacobs in the amateurs before I joined the Marine Corps in 2003. I still have family on Long Island, so I will have be a big following for me on Saturday.

"I just want to put on a great show. It's an honor to still have a great fan base on Long Island and I'm just ready to show that Long Island has great fighters as well."

Photos by Tom Casino/SHOWTIME