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Banks vs Mitchell II: Workout photos and quotes

Johnathon Banks

"I don't consider the last fight with Mitchell an upset. For me to say it was an upset would be a discredit to myself. I don't like upsets in my life. If I didn't think 100 percent that I was going to win, I wouldn't have taken the fight.

"I went after him (trying to get the fight). He didn't come after me. I think his whole bandwagon, all his people that follow him, his fans, are mad. They thought it was an upset. Me, personally? I didn't think it was an upset.

"I've always been a believer of ‘if something's not broke why try to fix it.' I think what I did last time worked perfectly and I plan to do the same thing this time.

"(Attitude-wise, whether he's fighting or training) Nothing really changes. I take it all in there with me. You can't do it all in one night, but you can do a lot of good things at one time. I've learned a lot. I've been very fortunate to grow up around the highest level of boxers. When these days come, when I'm in against guys with big records and knockout ratios, it doesn't affect me at all because I'm used to being around them, so it plays no part with me.

"Our last fight was on the big stage, the biggest stage for me (to that point). I feel the same pressure-wise (this time). There is no pressure. I was the underdog the first fight. I'm the underdog the second fight, but I don't mind. I embrace it. A lot of people still think this guy could come back because they listen to what he's saying. He's talking more than I am. He's saying he's coming back bigger, better, stronger, but I believe you're going to see the same thing as the last time."

Seth Mitchell

"It's been a long time coming. I'm excited about the fight. It's been postponed, cancelled, but now the day is finally here, so I'm just excited about getting in the ring.

"You can't stay at 100 percent when you have this many delays, but me and my trainer have done a great job of staying in the gym but not over-training. I haven't been out of the gym for more than three weeks in over six and a half years. I'm just a gym rat.

"Banks capitalized on some of my mistakes and got the victory. I just had to go back to the drawing board and take it as a learning experience to try to get better. I truly believe that I've gotten better, but I'm not one to talk a lot because everyone says that they've gotten better. I just have to go out there Saturday and show it.

"I believe in myself more than anyone else. That's my nature and character. I've said it numerous times that if Banks had outclassed me and out-boxed me for five or six rounds then we wouldn't have this immediate rematch. I feel like I am a better fighter than Johnathon Banks. I feel that November 17 was not the best Seth Mitchell to show up and on the 22nd, I'll show that I am a much better fighter.

"I'll show that you can lose and bounce back."

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