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Yuriorkis Gamboa: 'Empty promises' from Adrien Broner on potential fight

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Yuriorkis Gamboa says he wants a fight with Adrien Broner, but Broner has moved up twice and avoided the fight.

On Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent:

"I've always considered Floyd a good man and obviously a great boxer, but a good man, as well, and a good friend. Obviously I miss having the closeness we used to have. Unfortunately, there was a problem that came up between the two. Hopefully, that blows over and we get back to what it used to be."

On a potential fight with Adrien Broner:

"Broner's the one that's always called me out. I'm here. I haven't gone anywhere. I'm at 135 pounds. I feel comfortable at this weight. I'm not going anywhere. So if Broner wants to keep looking for me, or find me, he knows where to find me. ... He used to call me out when he fought at 130. I moved up to 130, won a title there. I moved up to 135, fighting for a title again, and he moves up again. Empty promises from his side. Why so much noise?"