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Sergio Martinez targeting spring 2014 return, may retire after two more fights

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Middleweight world champion Sergio Martinez is looking to get back into the ring next spring, and is considering retirement after just two more fights.

Jeff Bottari

Sergio Martinez is going to take a lengthy vacation from the ring to recover from injuries suffered in his semi-controversial April win over Martin Murray, hoping to get back into the ring in March or April 2014, and he's also thinking about retiring after two more fights, due to a promise he made to his mother.

Martinez, 38, was tentatively slated to face Julio Cesar Chavez Jr in a major money rematch this fall, but injuries are piling up due to age and, perhaps, the fact that the relatively small Martinez has made his biggest career moves fighting bigger men, which will likely remain the way it is for whatever is left of his career. He'll turn 39 next February, which could wind up being his last year in the sport.

Sergio (51-2-2, 28 KO) may still face Chavez Jr in one of those possible two fights next year, since it's likely the biggest money out there for him. There aren't many HBO-available middleweights out there who bring a whole lot to the table, save perhaps for Gennady Golovkin in time, if he keeps moving forward the way he has been. One idea might be to match Sergio with the Daniel Geale-Darren Barker winner next spring (those two will fight in August), and then look at Golovkin or Chavez after that for a potential final fight.

What do you think Sergio should do? Go out taking risks, or look to maximize his profits and minimize the danger?