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Scott Quigg not concerned about Carl Frampton media rivalry

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Scott Quigg, recently signed with Matchroom Boxing, says that his focus is on winning a world title, and not settling a press rivalry with Carl Frampton.

Scott Heavey

Those hoping for a Scott Quigg-Carl Frampton fight will, as expected, continue to wait on what could be one of the big domestic fights in the United Kingdom. With Frampton having recently jumped from Matchroom to Frank Warrenand Quigg then leaving Hatton Promotions for the greener pastures of Matchroom and Sky Sports, the fight is realistically as far from possible as ever, if not even more unlikely than it was when Quigg really just had no TV outlet under Hatton's watch.

And according to Quigg, he's alright with that, as Frampton is simply not part of his immediate plans in the sport.

"I don’t worry about Carl Frampton. My career is not going to be based on me beating Carl Frampton. It’s going to be based on me getting to the top and being world champion. I am not focused on him. Where they are going wrong is that they are always looking at me and focused on me. That’s going to be their downfall. ... But it makes me laugh with Frampton and his camp. After he beat Kiko Martinez they didn't want to know me. They were after Jonathan Romero."

Trainer Joe Gallagher says that Frampton seems overly concerned with Quigg, whereas Team Quigg never brings up Frampton. In the media, the two fighters have expressed a desire to fight, but also mixed in some interviews where they admit there's no real bad blood, and have come off as friendly with one another on more than one occasion. The two have always complimented the other side's ability, as well. It's not mud-slinging, which is refreshing.

If the two keep winning, this is a fight that will become more and more in demand in the UK. They're both very talented fighters, still both prospects as well as emerging contenders, who appear to have the goods and will be able to stay in the mix for the long haul. Will the fight ever happen? It's certainly far too early to say never. Things change in boxing all the time. Maybe by this time next year, the whole political boxing climate in the UK is vastly different than it is right now, with Warren and Matchroom/Sky not working together. Or maybe it will be even more adversarial. Who knows?

But for now, Quigg-Frampton will continue to be but a hope for boxing fans.