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Bradley vs Marquez: Staredown video from press conference

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Timothy Bradley and Juan Manuel Marquez went face-to-face earlier today in Los Angeles to announce their October 12 fight.

Timothy Bradley will defend the WBO welterweight title on October 12 in Las Vegas against three-division champion Juan Manuel Marquez, and the two went face-to-face earlier today in Los Angeles to officially announce the HBO pay-per-view event. Video of their staredown is above.

The fight will be fought with the full, normal 147-pound limit, but there are some other issues, too. Drug testing and who will oversee said testing has been up for discussion today, as well as Marquez wanting Bradley to agree to weigh in on fight day no more than 10 pounds over his Friday weigh-in weight.

So while the fight is definitely on and will be one of the bigger events of the year, there are still some concerns about how everything will be handled on that side. Bob Arum wants Nevada to oversee the testing, including blood tests and CIR testing, and has offered to foot the bill.

Ticket information was also announced today, with those going on sale tomorrow morning.