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Banks vs Mitchell II: Preview and predictions from the BLH staff

Can Seth "Mayhem" Mitchell get revenge for his November loss to Johnathon Banks, or will the veteran come out on top once more?


Ryan Bivins

Mitchell will fight smarter than last time but not actually show improved skills or ability to take a punch, thus he just lasts longer. Banks by mid-rounds TKO.

Scott Christ

I don't think Seth Mitchell is actually going to be notably better in this fight than he was when Banks stopped him in two last November, but I think "Mayhem" is going to catch the smaller man harder this time (he buzzed Banks a bit the first time around), and he'll pounce and finish him off. If it goes beyond four rounds, Mitchell is probably screwed, and he could get stopped the exact same way he was last time, too. I'm gonna gamble on the football dude to take a step forward in this one, though. Mitchell TKO-3.

Fraser Coffeen,

Rematches are tricky beasts. There's always a temptation to just pick the same result as last time. But here, that last result was an upset - so do you say that here the original favorite Mitchell gets back on track? The fact that neither man has fought since only complicates things. Generally speaking, my method for rematches is to go with the smarter fighter, and here, that's Banks. Last time out, he wasn't intimidated by Mitchell's power, he found the holes, and he capitalized. He can, and should, fight the same gameplan here. The question is how will Mitchell adjust? Will he play a more technical, patient game, or will he come in guns blazing and try to quickly overwhelm Banks? My guess is that it will be the former, which may result in a more slow paced affair than we saw last time. Banks by decision.

Tom Craze

I can't get on board with the idea that Seth Mitchell is ever going to learn enough, quickly enough, to develop into a legitimate top-class heavyweight. Or boxer, generally, for that matter. Physically, it's all there, but he's too raw, and I don't necessarily think the first fight's conclusion was brought about by some kind of freak occurrence.

Banks is smart, experienced, and - I think - is going to plant all kinds of seeds of doubt in the mind of Mitchell. This should be entertaining while it lasts, but I'm going for a repeat. Banks TKO5.

James Foley

For a brief moment in time, Seth Mitchell was a compelling figure to rally behind. An American heavyweight with an engaging personality and intriguing back story as a college football star who turned to boxing when knee injuries dashed NFL dreams, Mitchell's promising power and raw athleticism masked the flawed foundation of a novice who laced up his first pair of gloves in his early 20s. Last year against Johnathon Banks, a lifelong fighter with years under his belt as a protege of Emanuel Steward at the famed Kronk gym in Detroit, Mitchell was undressed faster than a Hollywood starlet on a leopard-print, velvet casting couch. It took Banks less than two full rounds to find his target, the accuracy and craft of a solid veteran on full display, and Mitchell's suspect chin revealed itself to be as fragile as a Fabergé egg.

The old adage in boxing is when the first fight ends in a knockout, expect the winning fighter to accomplish the same, only sooner, in the rematch. Choosing Banks as a first-round victor this time is probably too ambitious, but I see no reason to suspect the ultimate outcome will change. I like Johnathon Banks by KO or TKO somewhere between rounds 4 and 6.

Kory Kitchen

I like Mitchell. He's a fun guy to watch and he seems to be a really nice person. But, in terms of being a top-level boxer, he leaves something to be desired. He has power and good athleticism, but his defensive issues (poor skills and punch resistance) resulted in a beating from Banks the first time these two met. Though I do feel Mitchell will do a bit better, I don't think the end result will be much different.

Mitchell will start out more cautious than last time, circling more and trying to jab. He may stay back a little and see if Banks will lead. Banks, however, is more confident and will take what Mitchell gives him. He'll outjab Mitchell from the outset, scoring from a distance with his right hand as well. Eventually, Mitchell will get desperate and try to liven things up. That's when he gets caught. Banks KO-6.

Dave Oakes

Banks v Mitchell is an easy one to call for me. Skill beats raw strength nine times out of ten, and that's why Banks should nearly always have Mitchell's number. I say nearly always because you can never rule out a surprise knockout, especially at heavyweight.

Mitchell is an entertaining scrapper, Banks is a good boxer. Boxer beats scrapper, Banks beats Mitchell, simple really. Mitchell is easy to catch and hasn't got the best whiskers around, which means Banks will win via knockout at some point, most likely within four entertaining rounds. Banks KO3.

Final Tally: Johnathon Banks 6, Seth Mitchell 1.

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