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Dereck Chisora and Malik Scott do their best to surpass Malignaggi-Broner trash talk

Just when you thought the bar for pre-fight trash talk couldn't get any lower, Dereck Chisora and Malik Scott show what the heavyweights can do.

Scott Heavey

Dereck Chisora has never been known as a class act, and it's not that he's hit a new personal low, but combined with upcoming July 20 opponent Malik Scott, he's playing a role in sending boxing's bar for pre-fight trash talk ever lower.

Chisora and Scott had quite the charming exchange on a conference call recently. From

Dereck Chisora: "July 20th you are mine. Your ass is mine. I've told you, you're going to come here as a slave, I'm gonna slave you - that's what I'm doing right now. Yeah, you're gonna make me money on TV, make me a big payday. You just come and get your money."

Malik Scott: "You kiss men. You kiss men. He's a faggot. You're known for doing everything outside the ring, you're not known for nothing in the ring. You take good asswhooping for a living buddy, you kiss men at weigh-ins, you's a faggot where I come from. I'm going to fuck you up. You're not going to do shit to me."

Dereck Chisora: "Have you got a problem with that, have you got a problem with that? He talks a good game like all Americans. But they don't deliver. The only one who talks a good game and delivers is Floyd Mayweather."

It's not that I'm surprised by the level of discourse or anything, and it's not that I expect boxing to be a world with class or whatever, but that doesn't mean I don't wish we were beyond this bullshit in general. Did this sell one extra ticket? Will it make one more person buy a BoxNation subscription? My guess is that's unlikely, at best.

Maybe I ask too much. I don't know.

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