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Malignaggi vs Broner video feature: A Champ From the Neighborhood

Paulie Malignaggi talks about being back in his hometown for tonight's fight with Adrien Broner in Brooklyn.

"I'm not from just any city, I'm from Brooklyn, New York, y'know? We're battle-tested in our own ways, because each individual has had to overcome something. I've definitely had my share of road bumps, in life or in boxing, y'know?

"I have two world titles in my career but getting there the first time was very difficult, because I had so many hand injuries leading up to it. Then I lost it. So many nights I went to sleep disappointed because I didn't think my hands would ever heal, and I was contemplating retirement, because I know that the road to climb back was so difficult.

"Once I thought about it, I said, y'know, I'm not done, and then I came all the way back. Being from Brooklyn, I think, gave me that chip on my shoulder to want to achieve, y'know? You can never forget where you come from, because to go where you're goin', you always have to know where you came from in the back of your mind.

(On going back to crazy hair and trunks) "Past few years, I haven't really done anything, because I kinda lost that enthusiasm about it, but this fight, it really brought that back out of me. I feel young again."

"Brooklyn, it's all family, man, it's all friends. Even if I don't know you, it's Brooklyn, man. These are my kinda people, you know what I mean? I love fighting in New York, in Brooklyn, there's so many people that cheer for me. And I know I'm gonna hear that loud crowd, everyone just waiting for that ding-ding, and let's go.

"The ride is not over yet, so why stop it? I'm gonna make this a trademark performance."

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