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Malignaggi vs Broner video feature: Adrien Broner says he wants to go further than Floyd

Adrien Broner goes back to Cincinnati to discuss his roots in the sport, and his ambitions going forward.

Adrien Broner: "Everything you hear about Cincinnati, it's true. I've been through a lot. At night, you're gonna hear shooting. That's why I don't like being home. There's too much going on. Growing up in Cincinnati, it was rough, but I didn't know much. I was a kid still, so I still had fun everywhere I went."

Mike Stafford: "He was a real energetic, free-sprited, outgoing kid."

Broner: "Even though I was in the streets heavy, I always found myself in the gym. I fell in love with the gym before I fell in love with a female."

Stafford: "He's one of the most naturally gifted kids that I've ever seen."

Broner: "It's too dangerous to stay here, but once I get in the gym, everything goes away. It's, like, I don't hear nobody, I don't see nobody. I go to another world. ... A lot of people think I'm arrogant, a lot of people think I'm cocky. I'm not. I'm very confident, and I believe in myself. That's why I act the way I do."

Barber: "He always treated me with a lot of respect, you know? He would listen, he would take advice. I knew he would do something one day. See, Cincinnati is one of these towns where you got a lot of people that hate on you. They'll try to pull you down, and that's the only thing you really have to worry about."

Stafford: "Some people in this city may be jealous of what he has because they don't know how hard Adrien's been working all these years. He's 23 years old and he's been working since he was six years old."

Broner: "When I was young, my dad seen me boxing, and he was like, I wanna take you to the gym."

Stafford: "Back then when he was little, he had to fight the bigger guys. I either had to put weights in his pockets or wet his pants, so he could make weight so he could fight the bigger guys, because he had already defeated all the guys in his age (group). He weighed 75, he had to fight a guy weighing 100 pounds, 85, 90 pounds. People say, he's going up two or three weight classes, he's been doing that since he was 13 years old."

Broner: "I love boxing. Man-to-man sport. They don't give you nothin'. If I really want it, like I do, I'm gonna take it."

Stafford: "Only one who can beat Adrien is Adrien."

Broner: "I'd love to have the success that my big brother (Floyd Mayweather) had in this sport, but I'm trying to go further. ... When I win June 22nd, it'll be three world championships, three weight classes, by the age of 23. Sky's the limit from there."

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