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Golovkin vs Macklin, Gavin vs Vassell, Rees vs Crolla, Proksa vs Mora, more: Boxing TV schedule for June 28-29

Gennady Golovkin headlines the weekend against Matthew Macklin, with several other notable fights scheduled, including

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Friday, June 28


BoxNation (UK), 2:00 pm EDT, Frankie Gavin vs Denton Vassell. Gavin and Vassell meet for the British (Gavin) and Commonwealth (Vassell) titles at welterweight, in what is a very interesting matchup on paper. Gavin has turned a corner, it seems, going from potential bust back to top prospect, and maybe in the meantime, kind of did himself a favor in that expectations were lowered, and now he can just fight. Vassell, a Hatton fighter generally left floating in the wind these days, but now he's got the sort of fight he needs. BLH will have live coverage.

TV Publica (Argentina), 8:00 pm EDT, Mateo Damian Veron vs TBA.

TyC Sports (Argentina), 8:00 pm EDT, Fabian Oscar Orozco vs Julian Evaristo Aristule.

ESPN2, 9:00 pm EDT, Grzegorz Proksa vs Sergio Mora, Patrick Teixeira vs Marcus Willis. YES! The return of Sergio Mora! It's 2013, and he's still called "Former Contender Champion Sergio Mora," for a reality TV show that ultimately meant nothing... from nine years ago. But he has a chance here, as Proksa can be vulnerable. It's a decent main event, and if Mora feels like throwing, we could see a surprisingly OK fight. BLH will have live coverage.

CadenaTres (Mexico), 11:30 pm EDT, Jose Lopez vs Felix Bojorquez, Mahonri Montes vs Joel Juarez.


Telemundo / Canal 21 (Panama), 11:35 pm EDT, Joan Guzman vs Vicente Mosquera. Guzman is hoping to get back into the 140-pound title race, and he starts here. BLH will have live coverage.

Saturday, June 29

Sky Sports (UK), 3:00 pm EDT, Gavin Rees vs Anthony Crolla, Tony Dodson vs Paul Smith, Brian Rose vs Alexey Ribchev, Scott Quigg vs William Prado. This is a solid card with what figures to be a very exciting main event. I won't be in for this one, but we will have a live thread up for those of you who will be watching. BLH will have a live thread.

TyC Sports (Argentina), 8:00 pm EDT, Diego Oscar Silva vs Nestor Hugo Paniagua.


HBO, 9:45 pm EDT, Gennady Golovkin vs Matthew Macklin, Thomas Oosthuizen vs Brandon Gonzales, Willie Nelson vs Luciano Cuello. Three intriguing fighters on the rise at 154 (Nelson), 160 (Golovkin), and 168 (Oosthuizen), all of them taking at least a minor risk with their fights, and all of which should be watchable at worst. Maybe the closest matched of the fights is Oosthuizen-Gonzales, but Cuello could be a danger for Nelson, whose stock has risen understandably, but not without questions remaining. Golovkin-Macklin could be a great battle. BLH will have live coverage.

UniMas, 11:00 pm EDT, Robert Marroquin vs Daniel Diaz, Ivan Najera vs Alexander Lopez.


Televisa (Mexico), 11:30 pm EDT, Jose Salgado vs Toyoto Shiraishi, Ibeth Zamora Silva vs Marciela Quintero, Yazmin Rivas vs Kimika Miyoshi.

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