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Jennings vs Fedosov: Bryant Jennings Media Day

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Bryant Jennings (16-0, 8 KOs) takes on Andrey Fedosov (24-2, 19 KOs) Friday June 14, live on NBC Sports. Check out his training preparations, goals for the future, and general thoughts about the state of US heavyweight boxing.

Ryan Bivins

On a hot near summer day in North Philadelphia, Wed. June 5 to be exact, Bryant "BY" Jennings hosted an open media workout and interview session at his home gym. That gym, Philly's ABC Recreation Center, hosts an amateur boxing tournament as I write this, put together by BY's manager and trainer Fred Jenkins. If you're in the area and interested in attending the next installment drop by 1400 North 26th St on Thursday. Bouts begin around 7 PM EDT.

Moving back to Jennings, I have about 45 minutes of workout footage and about the same amount of time in interviews. Don't worry; I've separated them into pieces so you can jump straight to what you're primarily interested in. The workout included heavy bag work, sparring, speed bag work, and exercises, in that order:

And then came the interviews. I'm not going to transcribe them, because I don't really have time for that, but I will spend some time discussing BY's thoughts on my top 10 US heavyweights list. He was not pleased when he read it. Within an hour of its publication he expressed as much on Bad Culture's boxing radio show late that night. Fortunately there were no hard feelings when he brought it up during an open Q & A session on this day. He mostly had a problem with Tony Thompson rating so high. When I explained that it was because he beat David Price, he responded "but who is David Price?" I suppose Jennings has a point. But it's not like he can boast a bigger win, which is the primary reason I didn't rate him too highly in the 1st place. My list wasn't my opinion of how good I think each fighter is regardless of resume. Otherwise, I would have rated Jennings higher and might anyways after his fight with Andrey Fedosov (24-2, 19 KOs) on June 14, live on NBC Sports.

Ultimately Jennings knew where I was coming from before all was said and done. You can check that out and much more here:

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