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Boxing documentary - Adam Farrell: Road to the ABA Finals

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A short film on Adam Farrell, an amateur boxer in England looking to finally break through to the next level after a series of close calls.

Adam Farrell is a 25 year old middleweight boxer from Liverpool's famous Salisbury Boxing Club.

Over the years Adam has made quite a reputation at the Solly (Salisbury Boxing Club), no easy feat in a club that has spawned the likes of David Price, Tom Stalker, Sam Maxwell and many other top class boxers. His name has travelled around on the fringes of England call ups and international prospects, but somehow the young man from Huyton has always stumbled on the last hurdle. Twice he has made it to the semi finals of the ABA's where he once was beaten and once had to pull out because of a broken jaw in his quarter final victory.

Thus Adam has always been the Salisbury's 'nearly man', with glory so often within reach but for now somehow eluding him every time.

It is plain to anyone who has watched Adam box over the last few years that he has both the talent and the determination to achieve great things. That is why I decided to follow Adam in the final stage of his latest ABA campaign, as he prepares for the most important fight of his young carrer, the 2013 ABA Middleweight Finals.

The pressure rests firmly on the young man's shoulders as he knows that victory here could be the key to doors of the England Boxing team. Also in his mind will be the fact that 15 men from the Salisbury Boxing Club have been in his position before, all making it to the finals and all winning without exception, the question is, can Adam step up to these high standards or will he once again falter so excruciatingly close to his goal?