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Huck vs Afolabi III: Preview and predictions from the BLH staff

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Marco Huck and Ola Afolabi have gone down to the wire two times, with Huck going 1-0-1 in those bouts. Will Huck end the rivalry with a clear win? Can Afolabi even it up?

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Scott Christ

I firmly believe that Afolabi is the better all-around fighter of the two, but Huck keeps himself in every fight with his brawling, often dirty tactics, and can go on explosive little runs where he may lock up rounds in 15 or 30 seconds of action, which otherwise he would have clearly lost. Given home field advantage again in Germany, Huck should be the mild favorite, and as we've seen in two fights with Afolabi, it's damn hard for him to not at least escape with a draw. Personally, I thought Afolabi deserved the W in both of those fights, and he's 0-1-1.

This should also be a very good fight again. The two match up with a style clash that makes for back-and-forth, hard-to-judge rounds and big swings in momentum over the fight. Afolabi can outbox Huck all day, and that's a fact, but what's also a fact is given the way Huck fights, Afolabi can't outbox him so clearly that he's going to win a decision on the road without taking some risks, and those risks give Huck opportunities to legitimately score. It's going to be close again, and I'm going with the guy who will have the easier time winning rounds. Huck by decision.

Tom Craze

The safest pick of all this week is that this, the third fight of what's been, to date, a thoroughly enjoyable series of slobberknockers, doesn't disappointment.

Huck-Afolabi has, for fairly obvious reason, gone under the radar somewhat, but there's a case for it being at least one of the top few rivalries of recent years, and a third instalment is more than welcome.

It also feels unlikely we'll see a decisive winner, once more. Huck's home advantage is again a major factor to consider, but he's got miles on the clock now, and Afolabi has every right to think he has all Huck figured out. He might need to end it early to draw a line under the debate, though. Huck by SD

Dave Oakes

It's hard to see either Huck or Afolabi dominating, their previous two fights have been close and competitive affairs and this should be no different. I had Huck a narrow victor in the first fight and Afolabi by a hair's breadth in the second.

Even though Afolabi is the older, he looks to be the fresher fighter; Huck looks to be slowing down a touch, a consequence of the wars he's been in during his career. Afolabi's work rate, or lack of it, has cost him in both fights, if he can fight at a higher pace without fading in the final rounds, he should be able to eke out a close points decision. Afolabi via split-decision.