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Gamboa vs. Perez results: Gamboa wins boring fight over distance

Yuriorkis Gamboa returned to the ring with an uninspired decison victory over Darleys Perez.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Yuriorkis Gamboa has certainly been hurt much worse in the ring than he was against Darleys Perez Saturday night, but he has quite possibly never looked this pathetic. Though Gamboa did just enough to win (I wouldn't use the term "deserve" here) a decision over Perez, it was perhaps the most uninspired performance of his career. The judges scored the fight 116-111 (twice) and 115-112, all for Gamboa.

The first few rounds were not terrible. Gamboa even officially scored a flash knockdown near the end of the first when an overhand right sent Perez to the canvas. Perez rose quickly and did not seem bothered. Between-round replays proved that a clean shot did not land, though to be fair, it was difficult for the referee to tell in real speed. The middle rounds were filed with Gamboa moving and Perez stalking but neither really throwing. Each was largely content to just go the distance and not get hurt. Gamboa appeared to go down from a jab in the 11th but it was ruled a slip. However, replays showed that it should have been ruled a knockdown. Gamboa rose and avoided any more serious conflict to take home the win.

Where will Gamboa go from here? Who knows and, with as bad as this was, who really cares much any more? He is pretty small for lightweight and just had a terrible showing on HBO. I can't imagine they want to bring him back quickly.

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