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Dawson vs. Stevenson results: Stevenson stuns Dawson with first round knockout

Adonis Stevenson is the lineal light heavyweight champion of the world after shocking Chad Dawson with a massive overhand left that put the former champion to the canvas.


Adonis Stevenson is on top of the world. With one punch he produced Upset of the Year and Knockout of the Year contenders.

Chad Dawson, moving back up to light heavyweight after moving down to face Andre Ward last September, looked to be his usual self in the opening moments of the first round. Then, out of nowhere, Stevenson landed a huge overhand left and Dawson went down hard. He sat up for a few seconds before finally making it back to his feet. However, he was staggering a bit, and was clearly in no shape to continue. Wisely, the referee halted the bout and Stevenson became the lineal light heavyweight champion of the world.

This is obviously a huge, career-making victory for Stevenson. He scored a beautiful knockout in an HBO main event, and is now in line for nearly anyone in the 168 and 175 pound divisions. In his post-fight interview with Max Kellerman, Stevenson specifically called out Bernard Hopkins, and mentioned that Mikkel Kessler and Carl Froch do not want to fight him.

For Dawson, this really hurts. The weight was his excuse for the subpar showing against Andre Ward. Here, he just got his clock cleaned by a legit shot. Dawson was not exactly in high demand to begin with. This drubbing does him no favors.

After making a statement tonight, who would you want to see Stevenson in the ring with next?

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