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Devon Alexander: Amir Khan is dreaming, delusional about Mayweather

Devon Alexander says that Amir Khan is delusional about fighting Floyd Mayweather next year, and that he'll be ready to face Khan in December.

Al Bello

Devon Alexander still looks likely to face Amir Khan on December 7, either in Dubai (unlikely) or somewhere else (anywhere else, probably), and says that if Khan really thinks he'll be using Alexander as a stepping stone to get to Floyd Mayweather, the British star is "dreaming."

"Khan is dreaming if he thinks he can beat me and to even think he is going to fight Floyd by beating me is disrespectful This guy is delusional and has big dreams but his skill and chin cannot take him there," Alexander told

Khan (28-3, 19 KO) scraped past Julio Diaz in his last fight in April, and if we're being realistic, I think we have to consider Alexander (25-1, 14 KO) a fairly solid favorite right now. It's not so much that Alexander is some incredibly special, great fighter, but Khan has been looking extremely vulnerable. Alexander has more than enough power, speed, and accuracy to hurt a guy who was wobbled repeatedly by Julio Diaz, or at least it would seem.

Alexander says he'll be ready to get back to work in August following some hand injury issues suffered in his dominant May win over Lee Purdy.

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