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Golovkin: 'If I really neglected my defense, I would have been hurt, broken down, knocked down or knocked out'

Gennady Golovkin addresses comments from Andre Ward that he has never had to worry about his defense and is simply too hittable.


One of the developing "dream fights" for boxing fans is Gennady Golovkin against Andre Ward. Only separated by a single weight class, the fight would seem possible though doesn't seem as though it's going to happen in the near future.

Ward recently made comments that Golovkin hasn't yet had to worry about his defense, statements that seem to be recycled by Golovkin's doubters every time the middleweight champion is brought up.

For his part, Golovkin wonders how people think he has gotten this far if he has no defense. Via Boxing Scene:

"I don't know where they're getting it from that I pay little attention to my defense. It's just like Macklin, who said that I didn't have enough experience and that I didn't have a defense. I've heard it all before. Let me put it to you this way - I have 20 years worth of experience. This is nothing more than self-deception. If I really neglected my defense, I would have been hurt, broken down, knocked down or knocked out. I have never been knocked down or knocked out. What can I say about Ward? This [statement he made] is a direct step toward our battle,"

Both sides have valid points. Golovkin has been able to steamroll his opponents thus far, and getting hit hasn't been something that he has had to deal with very much.

But he does have a ton of great experience at the amateur level and an impressive pro career. The idea that he has neglected his defense or -- more ridiculously -- has never bothered to train defense to begin with seems a little far fetched.

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