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Ricardo Mayorga's MMA career remains hilarious, will fight former 'backyard star' Level on July 27 (video)

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Ricardo Mayorga, a former boxing world champion, has "transitioned" to MMA and his second fight will be against a former backyard fighter named Level later this month.

Ricardo Mayorga's foray into MMA has been as ridiculous in practice as it was on paper. From his initial attempt to fight UFC veteran Din Thomas, a fight that collapsed under the weight of promotional issues and supposedly involvement from Don King, to his actual "debut" in May where Mayorga showed up at 175.9 pounds for a 155 pound bout. Mayorga won that fight with a blatantly illegal knee to the spine.

The Nicaraguan commission -- there's a Nicaraguan commission? -- overturned the result and "suspended" Mayorga for three months.

It appears that three months in Nicaragua means "almost three months" as Mayorga is set to return to MMA on July 27 in Omega MMA.

Since it's the only thing that makes any real sense, Mayorga will not only be fighting, but will be fighting a Kimbo Slice-lite in Rene "Level" Martinez, a former "backyard fighter."

It's just ridiculous enough to be the only thing that makes sense.