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Friday Night Fights results: Chris Avalos and Glen Tapia score solid wins

Tonight's ESPN Friday Night Fights lived up to its on-paper potential, with Chris Avalos and Glen Tapia scoring solid wins in entertaining fights from Las Vegas.


Chris Avalos and Glen Tapia were winners on tonight's edition of ESPN Friday Night Fights from Las Vegas, with Avalos prevailing over Drian Francisco in the main event, while Tapia stopped a bloodied and tough Abie Han in the opening bout.

Tapia stayed unbeaten with his win, improving to 19-0 (11 KO), the fight ending when it was halted between the 8th and 9th rounds, due to Han (19-1, 12 KO) losing a lot of blood and taking a lot of punishment. Tapia did score a knockdown in the fight, ruled when Jay Nady saw the ropes holding up a staggered and off-balance Han in the seventh round.

It was a good win for Tapia, who may not be a blue chipper, but showed an ability to take good shots tonight, stand in the pocket, and outbox Han, too. What Han lacked in hand speed in particular, he did partially make up for with heart. He looked totally outclassed in the opening around, but made a fight of it, landing some good left hooks and body shots that did hurt Tapia here and there. In the end, though, Tapia was just the better man on the night, and he moves forward, while Han takes a step back.

Avalos (22-2, 16 KO) beat Francisco (24-2-1, 19 KO) in what was probably a career-best win for the 23-year-old TV veteran, earning the win on scores of 96-94, 97-93, and 97-93. BLH had it 97-93 for Avalos, as well. Avalos was largely able to control the tempo of the fight, while the crude Francisco was reduced to a brawler looking for a single home run shot.

Avalos displayed a hyperactive offense, throwing 1,043 punches to Francisco's 509, outlanding him by about a 2-to-1 margin as well.

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