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Mayweather vs. Canelo: Winner will receive belt made of solid gold from the WBC

Whoever wins the Floyd Mayweather - Canelo Alvarez showdown on September 14 will receive a WBC belt made of solid gold with ferrari leather for the strap.

Mike Stobe

Having an incredibly difficult time trying to get up for the Floyd Mayweather - Canelo Alvarez fight?! Probably not, but here is something that will cure your lethargy!

Because they have nothing else to do with the tons of money they make off of sanctioning fees and such, the WBC has decided to give the winner of the bout their very own championship belt made with actual solid gold. Now, before you freak out, realize that the entire belt is not made of solid gold. I would imagine that would be very expensive, not to mention heavy. The parts that will be made with gold are the main plaque in the center, a coin on each side, and a flag (one Mexican, one American) on each side.

According to the WBC press release (via World Boxing News), "This belt is earned for sheer excellence, but also to honor the careers of both fighters, who've been steadfastly loyal to the WBC."

You may remember the WBO did something similar last year for the Manny Pacquiao - Juan Manuel Marquez fight. They had the Champion of the Decade title and, yes, that was the third year of the decade. I don't know either.

For some reason, I sense this may be a way for the WBC to puff their chest and try to "one-up" the WBO. Maybe, maybe not. Perhaps the WBC is just giving back, back to the richest athlete in the world and one who is soon to be up there as well.

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