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Diego Chaves: Keith Thurman will fall in the tenth round

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Diego Chaves is looking to make his mark on the welterweight division, as he predicts a knockout win over Keith Thurman on July 27.

Not many American fight fans know Diego Chaves, but the Argentinean is hoping to make a big impression when he faces Keith Thurman on July 27 in San Antonio, live on Showtime. The fight will be part of Golden Boy's "Knockout Kings II" event at the AT&T Center, headlined by Andre Berto vs Jesus Soto Karass.

Chaves (22-0, 18 KO) will face Thurman (20-0, 18 KO) in a matchup of unbeaten welterweights with high KO percentages, with the interim WBA title at stake, though there's no good reason for an interim WBA title, which probably goes without saying if you follow boxing much, but it's always worth noting, just so nobody forgets how stupid a lot of this stuff really is. Adrien Broner holds the full title, which he won in the ancient days of last month.

Chaves, 27, says he's going to stop Thurman in ten, pulling what most would consider an upset given the fact that Thurman has been pushed on American TV:

"It's going to end in the tenth, he's going to fall," Chaves told "We know we have a tough fight, but nothing that's impossible. We saw the last five fights of Thurman. He has power. But he has that power for a pace for three or four rounds. ... The idea is to win the first three or four rounds, and then apply more pressure starting in the fifth when his power starts to go down."

If Chaves does win, it would make him yet another breakout fighter from Argentina, as we've seen successful transitions to the American scene in recent years from Sergio Martinez, Marcos Maidana, and Lucas Matthysse, most notably. It would also potentially put him in line for a WBA title shot. While a fight with Broner would, for now, seem unlikely (even with a win over Thurman), there is the chance that Broner will vacate to go back down in weight, and we could see Maidana and Chaves in an all-Argentina world title fight, which would be pretty special.

But that's all if he beats Thurman, and that's not going to be any easy task.