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Ricky Hatton: Martin Murray deserved win over Sergio, would be willing to fight Froch

Ricky Hatton discusses middleweight contender Martin Murray's hard luck loss to Sergio Martinez, and what may be in Murray's future, possibly at super middleweight.

On Martin Murray's loss to Sergio Martinez:

"Yeah, I thought he deserved the belt, to be honest. Most of the people at HBO thought he deserved the belt. I mean, it wasn't the worst decision you've seen, but I thought he clearly did it. He went into the lion's den, knocked Sergio down twice, only one got counted. He didn't exactly go to pinch the title, I think he went to take the title, and he was very hard done to, but he's had hard lines in Germany getting a draw with Felix Sturm, and Sergio Martinez getting that narrow points loss. Sooner or later the luck's gonna come his way, and I think he's a world champion in waiting."

On Murray as the best middleweight in Britain:

"Point number one against Barker and Matthew Macklin, they done us very, very proud, but Sergio Martinez stopped them. That was a wonderful performance by Darren, as well. He also stopped Matthew Macklin. So when you think that Martin went into the lion's den, 40,000 Argentineans, and took a real bad, harsh decision and knocked Sergio down twice, I think you'd hard pushed for Darren and Matthew to even admit that Martin doesn't deserve to be No. 1, I think."

On Murray possibly moving up to 168 to face Carl Froch:

"To be honest with you, Martin's a very, very big middleweight. He's very, very strong. We'd like him to fight Darren Barker and Matthew Macklin. We've tried to make the fights in the past, they haven't come up through no fault of ours or Martin. We'll make a move and try and make them fights again. Martin wants challenges. He's had less fights and less experience than Macklin and Barker, and forgive me for saying, I'm not being disrespectful to Matthew or Darren, I feel he's overtook them a bit. So that shows the potential he's got. He has no fear of fighting anyone, and he'd have no fear of going up and fighting Carl Froch. Carl Froch is with a rival promoter, and that would make it difficult, but it's not beyond the realms of possibility."

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