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Friday Night Fights - Lundy vs Ajose: Live results and round-by-round coverage

Hank Lundy faces Olusegun Ajose in tonight's ESPN Friday Night Fights main event.

ESPN Friday Night Fights

Tonight at 10:30 pm EDT, ESPN Friday Night Fights is back on ESPN2, with exciting Philly fighter Hank Lundy taking on Olusegun Ajose in the 140-pound main event, and a matchup of unbeaten super featherweight prospects in the co-feature.

Lundy (22-3-1, 11 KO) has lost two straight to Raymundo Beltran and Viktor Postol, but those are both legitimate contenders at 135 and 140, and neither fight was a blowout or anything like that. Ajose (31-1, 14 KO) won his last time out, beating Rynell Griffin, after being systematically taken apart last year by Lucas Matthysse. He never did get the WBC title shot he was promised for beating Ali Chebah in 2011, which is a weird thing to care about, because it's not really as if Olusegun-Chebah was a fight that really should have been an eliminator, but rules are rules, right, you guys? So he should have gotten the oh who gives a shit

The co-feature will pit Ryan Kielczewski (16-0, 3 KO) against Miguel Soto (11-0, 11 KO). A quick paper records glance may make you think Soto should be the favorite. But he's beaten nobody at all so far. So this will be interesting, at least to find out who's the phony tough and who's the crazy brave, like the Undertaker said that one time when Classy Freddie Blassie was trying to inspire the WWF lockerroom to go take on the Alliance and shit.

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