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ShoBox results: John Molina stuns Mickey Bey with sudden rally and final round TKO

John Molina was finished, or so it seemed. The veteran former world title challenger was well behind on the scorecards and taking a beating, but shocked viewers by coming back in the final round to stop Mickey Bey on tonight's ShoBox.


We may have witnessed the Round of the Year tonight on ShoBox, as all-heart warrior John Molina stunned the viewing audience with a sudden, powerful rally to stop a cruising Mickey Bey in the 10th and final round of their lightweight main event.

Molina (26-3, 21 KO) was trailing on the official cards by scores of 90-81, 89-82, and 88-83. BLH had it 87-84 for Bey, while Showtime's Steve Farhood had it 89-82 for Bey, noting that Molina "needed the nine-run homer" to come back and win the fight.

As Bey (18-1-1, 9 KO) opened up hard in the 10th round and hurt Molina early in the frame, Molina dug down deep and just started swinging wildly, throwing haymakers with both hands, totally neglecting his defense, and laying everything on the line. Bey was staggered by a few clean shots, and just couldn't recover. As Molina blitzed away with his offensive charge, Bey couldn't even clear the cobwebs enough to take a knee, which may have saved him, or hold on -- the latter also prevented by Molina just being in constant motion, head down and fists flying.

It was a shocker finish, and a perfectly good stoppage. Bey was out on his feet but was staying up on instinct -- and because he's tough, without question -- and referee Vic Drakulich had a judgment call to make. He made it. I guess some people were upset live but how many of them had money on Bey has not been scientifically reported.

In the lifeless co-feature, Badou Jack improved to 15-0 (10 KO) with a ten-round decision win over Farah Ennis (21-2, 12 KO). Ennis put forth little effort and looked more or less like a good sparring partner, losing on scores of 100-90, 98-92, and 98-92. This is to say nothing bad about Jack, because Ennis is talented enough to prevent himself from being hit cleanly too often, but the fight was a stinker.