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Nonito Donaire: 'I fight to entertain, Rigondeaux fights to score points'


Nonito Donaire continues to fixate on his loss to Guillermo Rigondeaux, as he steadily makes excuses while also saying "no excuses" or whatever, and with HBO's recent decision to pass on Rigondeaux fights in the future, Donaire seems to feel somehow vindicated for losing to the Cuban in April.

Donaire says that unlike Rigondeaux, he fights to please the fans:

"No disrespect. The guy did a good job against me. I'm not taking anything away from him. I fight to entertain and he fights to score points," Donaire told

"I'm not going change my fight. As a matter of fact I fight the way he does. That's my style. That's who I am. I'm a boxer but now I use my power to entertain. Being on TV you have to entertain. I think it's exciting. If I can get the one punch knockout I'm going for it. I think the fans deserve it regardless if I get a lot of negativity out of it."

What's odd about this statement is that Donaire sort of admits that he's not particularly entertaining, saying that he fights the way that Rigondeaux does -- which is true, more or less -- but also seems to believe that consistently waiting for one-punch KO opportunities is, you know, "exciting."

Someone might tell him that's not the case. Sure, against Vic Darchinyan, Wladimir Sidorenko, Fernando Montiel, and Jorge Arce, it was entertaining as he smashed some quality foes whose lack of defense gave him the openings he needs.

But what about all his other fights? You can blame the opposition all you want, but here is Donaire openly admitting that this is what he does, and perhaps accidentally admitting that no, he's not an action fighter, which of course anyone can see by watching his fights, but we've been told for years that he's exciting, a highlight reel guy (he has a good highlight reel), and an action star. He's just not. He seems to know that. And yet he seems to think that doesn't matter?

Then again, he knows he lost clean and clear to Rigondeaux, and he seems to believe that HBO has basically erased that for him with their decision on Rigondeaux's future, so I guess maybe it's par for the course. Donaire is what he is, and that is a very good fighter. But he's not as good as Guillermo Rigondeaux, and nothing changes that until or unless he were to win a rematch.

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