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Garcia vs Matthysse: Angel Garcia starts talking, says Matthysse will be 'easy' for Danny

David Becker

Angel Garcia is never one to be shy, but lately some have wondered why he wasn't talking his usual amount of trash about Lucas Matthysse, his son Danny's next opponent on September 14. Breathe a sigh of relief, everyone, because Angel has revved the engines.

The elder Garcia, who serves as his son's trainer and often as his mouthpiece, says that despite the hype behind Matthysse, the Argentinean will be easy work for the WBC and WBA titleholder:

"People are making it seem like he's King Kong, but he ain't no King Kong. Matthysse is just an average guy who has fought a bunch of nobodies. Listen, he's going to be the easiest fight for Danny. They're trying to make him out to be a killer, but he ain't no killer. Danny's the killer, and Danny's the champion of the world."

Angel also believes that Danny's power is being overlooked, and that it will shock Matthysse:

"Matthysse ain't never been punched like Danny can punch, because Danny can punch, too. Danny's been punched, but this guy ain't been punched yet because he ain't fought nobody, man."

Obviously this is all a bit exaggerated to start selling the fight (which doesn't technically need to be sold since it's beneath Mayweather-Canelo on the card, so sold is done already, really) and to maybe get into Matthysse's head a bit, but I don't think there's any question that Danny Garcia (26-0, 16 KO) is a step up from Humberto Soto, Olusegun Ajose, Mike Dallas Jr, and probably even Lamont Peterson.

Matthysse (34-2, 32 KO) supporters can argue that in his only two losses, he should have won both fights against Zab Judah (who just lost to Garcia) and Devon Alexander. Personally, I scored both fights for Matthysse, and felt the Alexander fight was a clear win where he got robbed in particular, but Garcia just keeps finding ways to win and win convincingly. Matthysse may indeed be The Machine and The Beast and all these other things he's being called right now, but let's not forget that Danny Garcia has been pretty damn good himself the last couple of years.

This is such a great fight. Man.

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