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Schaefer still pursuing Dubai for Alexander vs Khan fight

Richard Schaefer still has designs on putting the Devon Alexander-Amir Khan fight in Dubai, but the money will have to be good enough to get Alexander to go there.

Jeff Bottari

Richard Schaefer is still working to make a December fight between Devon Alexander and Amir Khan a reality in Dubai, as the Golden Boy CEO is making the trip to discuss a potential deal for the bout, according to a report by Rick Reeno at, which has several complications.

The biggest issue is money, as it's well-known that Team Alexander aren't exactly frothing at the mouth to fight in Dubai, possibly because they share the bizarre belief that some dummy fans keep mentioning, that Dubai is (somehow) "Amir Khan's backyard" or whatever.

But Schaefer says that if the money is right, Alexander's people have said the fight can happen there. Another problem is TV -- if the fight takes place at, say, 10 pm Dubai time, it would be live at 2 pm EDT in the United States. That could mean a tape delay option for U.S. TV, which would be a shame since it's 2013 and all that, or they could do a live plus tape delay thing, airing it in the afternoon on Showtime and then again later at 10 or so, as HBO recently did with Froch-Kessler II.

Right now, this still appears to be the fight for both men, but as much as Dubai has been mentioned, it still feels like it's an outside shot, at least to me. That said, Bob Arum did finally come through with his forever-hyped Macau fights, and has Manny Pacquiao going there next, so maybe it's really going to happen.

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