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Bradley vs Marquez: Promo video for October 12 fight

Timothy Bradley takes on Juan Manuel Marquez in an HBO pay-per-view main event on October 12, and GissaQuid Boxing Productions has put out a fan trailer to get you hyped.

It may not be the fight on everyone's mind just yet, but October 12's HBO pay-per-view main event between WBO welterweight titlist Timothy Bradley and Juan Manuel Marquez could be a scorcher, and may steal the "big fight" show this autumn from Mayweather-Canelo and Pacquiao-Rios, at least in terms of quality inside the ring.

GissaQuid Boxing Productions put together an early, fan-made hype video above, and as always, we at Bad Left Hook strongly encourage these things and support them, because they're always way more awesome than the trailers that the actual promoters and networks make, which is not meant as a shot at them, but it's just reality. Things like this and Gorilla Productions' work usually succeed in getting me pretty excited about fights.

I need to put 25 more words in here to make sure that this post gets syndicated, which is a funny thing, really, and now that I've achieved that, I will end this by saying that I hope you enjoy the video.

Twitter: GissaQuid Boxing

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