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Knockout Kings II: Full fight video highlights from action-packed card

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Showtime's tripleheader in San Antonio featured three fantastic fights, and may wind up being the best televised card of 2013. Check out the highlights.

You'll be hard-pressed to find a better televised card this year in boxing, even if some of the great stuff coming up fully delivers. Last night's Knockout Kings II event delivered three outstanding fights and a serious Fight of the Year contender.

BLH recaps linked below, but here are quick summaries if you missed them:

Jesus Soto Karass TKO-12 Andre Berto: Soto Karass turned in a great performance in what has become a career year for him, as he moves himself up to fringe contender status at worst, and contender status at best. Berto didn't look good in this one, but he gave it his very best. It looks like his body is betraying him.

Omar Figueroa UD-12 Nihito Arakawa: My current leader for 2013 Fight of the Year, displacing the epic Bradley-Provodnikov war from March. This fight was unreal and has to be seen to be believed. The brutality was simply off the charts. They might not agree with it today, but I saw more than one person last night saying that this was the best fight they've ever seen, or the best fight of the 2000s. That might be too far, but when those thoughts cross your mind during a fight, you're unquestionably seeing something special.

Keith Thurman KO-10 Diego Chaves: It's easy to forget that this fight was also pretty awesome. Thurman passed a test, and Chaves proved he's more than an empty record. Thurman also got the $10,000 bonus for KO of the Night.