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Knockout Kings II results: Quotes and photos from San Antonio

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Jesus Soto Karass, Omar Figueroa, and Keith Thurman left San Diego Antonio last night with victories on an exciting Showtime card.

Jesus Soto Karass

"My corner just told me to keep on working and I didn't think at any moment about his shoulder. I'm dedicated 100 percent to boxing. I stopped clowning around. My corner told me to come out and start boxing, but I said, 'no, I'm going to knock him down.'"

Andre Berto

"I think I tore (my shoulder) out of the socket early, maybe the fourth round. That's why I kept using my left. I couldn't really use it at all. At the end of the day I show that warrior spirit every time. I don't care if I mess up my shoulder. I'm going to put it all on the line."

Omar Figueroa

"It's what I've looked forward to since the beginning. My respect to this guy. He can take a beating. We both took a beating. The only things that didn't hold up were my hands."

Nihito Arakawa

"The only thing I can say is Figueroa was very strong. I was thinking about all the people that supported me up to this point to get to this level and that's what kept me going."

Keith Thurman

"I came in this fight to have multiple game plans. I knew he would be my toughest opponent. I wanted to punch him, I wanted to box him and later on, I was able to hit him with that beautiful body shot.

"You save the tools that you want to use for the later rounds. I had a feeling he was going to die out."

Diego Chaves

"He connected very well on my temple and I couldn't recuperate. I don't regret that the referee stopped the fight. I thought I was winning the fight when they stopped it. I hope I get a rematch and come back soon."

Photos by Tom Casino/SHOWTIME