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Video: Ricardo Mayorga choked out by 'Level' Martinez in MMA fight

Ricardo Mayorga got back into the cage for another MMA fight. It didn't go well.

In his second attempt at invading the mixed martial arts world and proving how awesome he is, Ricardo Mayorga was choked out in short order by Rene "Level" Martinez, who procured a guillotine and ended the fight as Mayorga immediately gave up.

Mayorga, the 39-year-old former welterweight and junior middleweight titleholder, really has no business in MMA fights, but talked himself up as he usually does, and then lost, as he usually does in boxing these days. So you can count this as another fighting career that's going nowhere.

A lot of the reaction from boxing fans has been the predictable defensive posture about how homoerotic or stupid or boring MMA is, but I'm honestly happy this happened as a fan of boxing. I'm not saying boxers shouldn't try their hand at MMA if they want to do it, but if you're going to do it, take it seriously or don't bother at all. Mayorga hasn't really taken this seriously (which is no surprise), and he got smoked by a novice MMA pro, the same as Level would be smoked by a novice pro boxer. That there is some "debate" about this stuff is nauseating. That there are still some people who can't accept the very existence of both sports is even worse. But what can you do? That will never end. A lot of "my dad can beat up your dad under my dad's rules" stuff.

Anyway, the point is, haha.

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