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'Creed' to be first spinoff from 'Rocky' series

Rocky Balboa will apparently be coming back, but thankfully not in another eyebrow-raising story where he gets to fight again. This time, Apollo Creed's grandson will be in the ring.

People who like boxing generally have strong opinions about boxing movies one way or another, and those same people all have really strong opinions one way or another about the famous Rocky series, although sometimes they're all, like, "LOL!" about III and IV with Mr. T and Drago, but they get all serious film buff-ish about the original movie winning an Oscar (IT SHOULDN'T HAVE!!!!!!) and no one really cares that much about II, V, or Rocky Balboa, and since we do Fight Movie Reviews now, I think I'll leave my deeper feelings about the series for another time. Man, I have thoughts, you guys.

Anyway, here's why we're talking about this at all: Deadline reported earlier this week that the first ever Rocky spinoff is coming, titled Creed. Unfortunately it's not a prequel about Apollo Creed, nor is it a movie where Apollo comes back from the dead (which would be pretty badass?), but rather a modern day movie about his grandson, a rich kid who doesn't need to box but "has all the moves" and shit, so he needs guidance, and he goes to -- you guessed it! -- Rocky Balboa, his grandfather's great rival and later best friend, the man who avenged grandpa Creed's violent and unnecessary death by beating Ivan Drago in boxing. That showed 'im. Really made up for that whole killing ordeal.

There's no guarantee this movie gets made or becomes a wide release film if it does, but I dunno, I'm up for it. I wanna hear Stallone be all, "Yo, kid, you gotta do this thing," and if Burt Young can keep holdin' on, I'm stoked to see Paulie back in another movie.

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