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Lucas Matthysse: 'I don't see anything special about Danny Garcia,' talks possible Mayweather fight

Lucas Matthysse says he's not worried about Danny Garcia on September 14, and would be willing to face Floyd Mayweather after that fight.

Al Bello

Lucas Matthysse's September 14 fight against Danny Garcia is one of the most highly-anticipated bouts on the current schedule, and among super-duper hardcore die hard #boxingfriends, it may be even more anticipated than that night's main event between Floyd Mayweather and Canelo Alvarez.

Matthysse, though, says he doesn't see anything special in Garcia, and that he's not concerned about the challenge:

"You can see that his feet are planted on the canvas and he's right there. Alexander and Judah, they are so much different fighters. Danny Garcia is just a brawler. He's not a boxer. He wants to explode his power, and that's it. He likes to exchange big punches, so he's strong, and that's all that I see about him. I don't see anything special about him. So I don't fear him. I can handle his power."

Matthysse (34-2, 32 KO) mentions the two fighters to beat him, both controversially, and seems to clearly believe that Garcia (26-0, 16 KO) is a lesser talent. If he's not just talking (which he probably is, at least to some degree), then that could be a big mistake -- people keep saying Garcia isn't special. Then he wins anyway.

If Matthysse does win, he hopes that chatter about the winner facing Floyd Mayweather later is true:

"Now, the winner is going to be me, so I don't think I'll have any problems at 147 pounds, because I have to do a special job and a different sort of training to get the power at 147, but I will have the power there as well."

Mayweather (44-0, 26 KO) is the favorite against Canelo Alvarez (42-0-1, 30 KO) that night, but that fight is not a totally foregone conclusion, either, despite what #moneyteam claimants may have you believe.

But let's say that Mayweather and Matthysse both win, and win convincingly, and then they were to fight. Does Matthysse possibly, potentially, in theory and all that, have any shot at beating Floyd? Has MachineMania gotten that hot yet?

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