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Miguel Cotto rumored to be heading back to HBO for next fight

Will Miguel Cotto return to HBO airwaves for his next fight? Rumors are circulating that he will, as Showtime has turned down Cornelius Bundrage as a potential opponent.


Miguel Cotto could be returning to HBO for at least one fight, according to rumors reported at, as Showtime has turned down Cornelius "K9" Bundrage as a potential opponent. Cotto has been said to have his next fight aimed for September 28.

Cotto may work with Top Rank for the fight, but the sources say he's got no intention of signing a long-term deal with any promoter, intending to keep his options open to work with either Top Rank or Golden Boy fighters as he may choose.

"Miguel's decision, regarding which network is going to televise his next fight, has nothing to do with K9 Bundrage. There are plenty of possible opponents for Miguel Cotto. I can tell you one thing for sure, regardless of which direction he takes - Miguel Cotto will 100% remain a free agent and will not be contractually bound to any promoter or any network," the source told

Cotto (37-4, 30 KO) hasn't fought since December, when he lost a decision to Austin Trout. His last win came in December 2011, defeating Antonio Margarito in an emotionally charged rematch at Madison Square Garden.

Cotto was said to be returning at Barclays Center, where he would make his debut, but if Golden Boy doesn't promote the fight -- and in particular, if Top Rank has a hand in promoting it -- that could be out the window. There remains a chance, of course, that Cotto will be back on Showtime with a different opponent than Bundrage. There are plenty of names out there he could face.

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