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Lennox Lewis: David Price can rebound, but has to make sacrifices

Lennox Lewis believes that David Price will still be able to come back strong from consecutive losses to Tony Thompson, but says that things will have to change for Price to get to the next level.

Scott Heavey

Former world heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis had a hand in preparing David Price for his Saturday rematch with Tony Thompson, which ultimately resulted in Price stopped once again by the aging American, who this time finished off an exhausted and defenseless Price in five rounds.

After the fight, deflated promoter Frank Maloney made some ringside comments on BoxNation about Lewis' approach not working, as he and Price are simply different fighters with different styles. Lewis responded on Twitter: "Maloney's blaming ME for for this loss? Incredible! I asked for eight weeks training. He gave me three."

Lewis, who sat ringside, believes that Price (15-2, 13 KO) can rebound and get his career going again, but that he's going to have to make major changes.

"David is a great guy and he can rebound from this, but there are sacrifices that have to be made to take your game to the next level," Lewis tweeted.

"Price took a lot of hard punches and never left his feet. I think he was just gassed and couldn't take him out when he had the chance. I lost my voice yelling when Price put Thompson down. I thought he had him. But Thompson is a veteran and remained composed.

"Price had this fight in his grasp. That's the most disappointing part of this loss. But he will learn from this and improve. Boxing is also as much mental as it is physical, and you gotta be in shape with both or it's a chain reaction."

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