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Anthony Joshua turning pro, signing with Matchroom Boxing

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London super heavyweight gold medalist Anthony Joshua has decided to go pro and sign a deal with Eddie Hearn's Matchroom Boxing.

Scott Heavey

According to a report in The Independent, 2012 Olympic gold medalist Anthony Joshua will turn professional with Eddie Hearn's Matchroom Boxing, signing a four-year deal with the UK power promoter, who maintains all of the boxing dates on Sky Sports.

Joshua, 23, was the super heavyweight king in London last summer, the final piece of a fantastic overall performance from Team Great Britain. Listed at 6'6" and 234 pounds, Joshua has a much more developed frame than Deontay Wilder, for instance, brought into the sport a few years ago after winning bronze in Beijing, and has a more polished skill set, as well.

The Londoner will experience the growing pains that all fighters turning pro do sooner or later, but he's got the looks and he's got the pedigree, so a fast-tracked career in a weak division begging for more top-level fighters is hardly out of the question.

There had been plenty of speculation and belief that Joshua would stay amateur and compete in Rio in 2016, but while that would have been plenty admirable and very exciting for amateur boxing fans as the Olympics came back around, it's hard to argue against striking while the iron is hot. Joshua comes into the sport now with plenty of momentum and a lot of fanfare.

How far do you see Joshua going as a pro?