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Video: Omar Figueroa vs Nihito Arakawa round 3 - round of the year?

Was round three of Figueroa vs Arakawa the best round of boxing we've seen this year?

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

In an online poll of fight fans conducted by Golden Boy or Showtime or both or whatever it was, I don't know, round three of last Saturday's savage barnburner between Omar Figueroa and Nihito Arakawa was voted the best round of what may have been the best fight so far in 2013.

Was this the round of the year so far? Let it be known, #boxingfriends!

Looking back on this fight a few times, and now again just focusing particularly on this round, the unbelievable brutality of what we witnessed still amazes me. It remains a nearly indescribable fight -- if you missed it, you have to see this fight, without question. And if you doubt that at all, just watch this one round. And know that none of the 12 rounds in this fight were dramatically "worse" than this one. The action was just non-stop. The fight was basically outrageous. This had little to no business happening for 36 minutes.

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