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Arum happy to be working with Miguel Cotto again for Oct. 5 HBO card

Though they're not fully back together, Bob Arum is pleased to be promoting another Miguel Cotto fight this fall.

Nick Laham

Top Rank will be helping to promote the October 5 HBO card from Orlando, where Miguel Cotto will face Delvin Rodriguez in the main event, with Terence Crawford slated for the night's co-feature. Cotto, who worked with Golden Boy Promotions for his pair of fights in 2012, isn't exactly back in the Top Rank fold, but he is proving that as a free agent, he's working with anyone who can get him the fight that he wants.

Bob Arum says he's happy to work with Cotto again:

"Understand this, he became a free agent and then he fought Mayweather and then this other fight (versus Austin Trout) and then when the time came he decided to come back to us. One thing about Miguel Cotto is that he is a very honorable guy. He's a warrior and an honorable guy. He never broke a contract with us. He always performed 100% and he didn't leave to go elsewhere until his contract was over and he became a free agent. So I have nothing but the best feelings for Miguel and I am happy that we are promoting him again."

Again, it needs to be made clear that Cotto (37-4, 30 KO) is not back with Top Rank. He's not under contract with Top Rank. He remains a free agent. He is on a one-off thing with Top Rank, the same as his two one-off fights (two-off?) with Golden Boy last year.

But Arum has always been very pleasant toward Cotto since the two split following Miguel's 2011 win over Antonio Margarito, in a rare case where it seems like promoter and fighter actually get along, actually see eye-to-eye, and can even stay cordial when they're not making money for one another. That Miguel Cotto must be a real helluva guy, helluva fighter, doin' a helluva job.

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