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Floyd Mayweather vs. Canelo Alvarez: Canelo weighs 166.8 for WBC 30-day weigh-in

Canelo Alvarez weighed in at 166.8 pounds for the WBC's mandatory 30-day weigh-in. In other words, there's another 15 pounds to go.

Mike Stobe

With the Floyd Mayweather - Canelo Alvarez mega event only a month away (time has flown, huh?), the WBC held it's mandatory 30-day out weigh-in for the fighters. Naturally, when it comes to the weight, all eyes are on Canelo who will have to shed a pound and a half more than what he was for the Austin Trout fight in order to make the 152 pound catchweight. It will require Alvarez to be at the lowest weight he has been since he faced Matthew Hatton in November of 2011.

Boxing Scene's Miguel Rivera is reporting that Canelo was under the maximum allowed, 169, and weighed in at 166.8. For perspective, this is roughly the same he was when he weighed 166.5 for 30-day weigh-in for the Trout fight. If we do the math (and I hate math, for the record) Canelo needs to drop another 14.8 pounds over the next 30 days. That's about one pound for every two days, on average.

The Boxing Scene article also has a picture of Canelo standing on the scale. He looks pretty thin already, to be honest. But I have never seen him at a 30-day weigh-in before so I can't comment on how he looks compared to other times in that regard. The picture also gives us a great side view of Canelo's junk bulging out of his underwear so there's that too if you just can't wait until the real weigh-in.

Will Canelo make the weight comfortably? Will it have an effect on his performance? Have we already debated this for days on end on here? Are you ready for the fight to just get over with?

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