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Danny Garcia vs. Lucas Matthysse: Garcia says drug testing is not because of suspicions toward Matthysse

Danny Garcia declares that his reasons for wanting additional drug testing for his fight with Lucas Matthysse are not because of doping suspicions toward Matthysse.


According to a report by David Greisman of Boxing Scene, Danny Garcia did not request to have USADA drug testing because of fear of Lucas Matthysse doping. Garcia insists that additional testing is something that all champions need to do, and he just wants a clean fight.

Here is what Garcia said, via Boxing Scene:

"It doesn't matter who I fight, it's just something I feel needs to be done if you want to be the champion. I just want a clean fight, and that's it. It has nothing to do with Lucas Matthysse. It's just what I do."

The reason for Garcia saying this is because, well, any time a guy looks like a monster the way Matthysse did against Lamont Peterson, people become extremely skeptical. It's certainly not a terrible thing to be skeptical in today's professional sports world (not just boxing) but, at times, it can resemble a witch hunt where we question any and every dominant performance. Oh, and Garcia's dad just laughs at Matthysse's win over Peterson like something was up.

You may recall Garcia's rematch with Erik Morales being shrouded in controversy because of USADA testing. Morales tested positive for a diuretic, but the fight continued as scheduled. People have speculated a big reason why the fight was not cancelled (unlike Andre Berto's rematch with Victor Ortiz or Peterson's rematch with Amir Khan) is because Garcia's camp knew it was an easy win, not to mention a very nice payday that nobody would want to lose because an over-the-hill fighter tested positive for a diuretic.

But regardless of the weak precedent set with the Morales debacle, Angel Garcia has stated that the Matthysse match would be called off if "The Machine" tested positive.

Here, in one of Ryan Bivin's videos from Garcia's media day in Philadelphia last week, Angel tries to explain why the Morales fight was not cancelled and that the Matthysse fight will be cancelled if he tests positive.

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