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Haye vs Fury: Scott Quigg to face Yoandras Salinas on undercard

Scott Quigg will get his first crack at a world title on September 28, when he faces Yoandras Salinas for the vacant WBA "regular" super bantamweight title on the Haye-Fury bill.

Paul Thomas
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Manchester's main event was good enough to sell a house by its lonesome, but Matchroom Boxing and Sky Box Office will also have a world title fight on the bill, as Scott Quigg will face Yoandras Salinas for the vacant WBA "regular" super bantamweight title on September 28. It's the first world title opportunity for both men.

Quigg (26-0-1, 19 KO) signed with Matchroom earlier this year, leaving Hatton Promotions after an extended stretch of inactivity that did his career no favors at age 24. He's watched as media rival Carl Frampton (who left Matchroom for Frank Warren around the same time) has sort of surpassed him in the hype game, but he'll be the first between them to be able to call himself "world champion" in interviews if he wins next month.

Salinas (20-0-1, 13 KO) is a 27-year-old Cuban who hasn't beaten anyone. His draw came against Nehomar Cermeno in 2011, and that was his only truly credible opponent. He's lacked much hype or attention, but Salinas is Cuban, so that will make some people think he's truly excellent, especially with the fundamentals and what have you, because the Cubans  never flame out as professionals or anything. I mean, I say this, but for all we know Salinas can really fight and this is a trap matchup for Quigg. We just don't know if he can handle a good opponent, really, because he's only had eight rounds against a good opponent, and they went to a draw.

And it's certainly not as if Quigg has beaten Murderer's Row or anything, but guys like Rendall Munroe, Jason Booth, and Jamie Arthur are a good bit better than anyone that Salinas has beaten. The good news is this is a pair of fighters who can take this win as a jumping off point, and it's certainly not one of the worse vacant title matchups we've ever seen.

Man, Jim Watt is going to go on and on and on about the classy Cuban operator.

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